Ever since I was a little girl, my parents would bring me to the beach very often. And because of that, I learned to love everything about the ocean. Especially the FOOD!!! I always had a special place in my heart for seafood. I even make it a point to visit Dampa every month with my friends. I LOVE DAMPA!!!

And so, for my first ever food post, I wanted to feature one of my new favorite restaurants. It’s called Bag O’Shrimps! I’ve eaten here almost every week since it opened! It’s located along Tuscany in McKinley Hill, Taguig. Parking may be a little difficult, but definitely, it’s worth the wait.

This is the kind of restaurant you take your friends or family to for a good time. So I tagged my family along (they love seafood as well). What’s fun about this place is that you have to use your hands to eat plus they give you a bucket to put the peelings of the shrimps! It’s cozy and has a cute sailor theme, plus the staff are really friendly and service was fast. Food in this restaurant range from 200-500 pesos. We were 5 so we had three orders of shrimp, one order of crab, and other appetizers (we even had take home!). Make sure to order rice and pour the sauce on it! Yummmm… Cant wait to go back!




While waiting for our food!!


Eat with your hands! I was ready to attack!


Bag O’ Momma is my favorite flavor. Next would be the lemon pepper! When it comes to spiciness, the mild was super spicy already!


Crab Bomb Sticks (P185)! Jalapeño, cheese, and crab sticks! This was too spicy for the kids so they didn’t eat much but I liked it :)


Fried Oysters (P165)! This was really good too!


The calm before the storm (our neat eating area before we indulged in the yummy food hehe).


This is one order of shrimps. We got two more after this!


We got crabs too but only got one bag and it was so bitin!


I loved how the whole experience was so messy!


The youngest Manzano, Pia :) (She’s gonna hate me for posting this)


I ate so much! I felt like I had one bag to myself!




My sister Angel! She just graduated from Assumption :) Woohoooo!


My mom’s hand with the net cause she wanted more props in the background! Hahaha stage mom talaga ;)

If you try this restaurant or have any suggestions on new restaurants to try, would love to hear from you!