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Hole in the Wall

I looooove food and my husband and I make it a point to try different restaurants and all sorts of cuisine. And now that I’m I’m pregnant. I REALLY EAT… ALOT! I’d been waiting with bated breath for Century City Mall’s upscale food court concept “Hole in the Wall” to open for quite a while […]


Napa Valley

One of the places I was most excited for in my recent US trip was our visit to Napa Valley. This is the wine capital of the United States, and we were...

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LA – Warner Brothers – Batmaan

I'm baaack! So where do i start? My husband and I have been asking that question since we returned from a wonderful 3 week vacation in the U.S. W...


Pottery Farm

My mom asked me if i wanted to try out the pottery workshop. Pottery? Who doesn’t like pottery? My Husband told me he had pottery in art class in...


A treasure trove in Antipolo

My love for art started when i was a kid. I used to join water colour and charcoal workshops. Painting is such a peaceful hobby, it takes your min...