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Working Mom cover story

Deeply honoured to be on the cover of WorkingMom last month. I still can’t believe it when i see my face inside the pages all the more on the cover with Olivia :) Thank you to everyone who grabbed a copy and to those who haven’t… Here’s a little snippet of the cover story ;) […]

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Birthing Story

Almost 5 months later and with the countless photos and #convoswitholivia... I finally resurrected my blog! Here is a ...

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Maternity Shoot :)

Mango Red the geniuses behind my wedding photos got in touch with me asking if I wanted to do a maternity shoot. I had the pleasure of working with ...

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Baby Shower

People talk about all the nightmarish things about pregnancy...morning sickness, hormonal imbalances, weird cravings, aches and pains.... but in truth...

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Save the Best for LATCH

Over the weekend I got invited to attend a Breastfeeding Class. I was a little hesitant to go at first because my husband would be unable to make it c...