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Merry Merry Parties!

This Christmas I promised to take more photos with my camera. We all usually take selfie’s and selfwe’s with our phones but this year I documented all the Christmas parties I attended and I had so much fun! This blog post is not about holiday décor tips, or OOTD’s but just the a gathering of […]


Throwback to 11.12.13.

I was going through my posts and I realized that I never posted about my wedding and I think its just perfect since we recently celebrated our first y...


The first beat.

Today, I heard the most beautiful thing I've ever heard in my life. I never imagined how magical it would be hearing that tiny little sound from insid...


Napa Valley

One of the places I was most excited for in my recent US trip was our visit to Napa Valley. This is the wine capital of the United States, and we were...

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Wake me up in San Francisco

I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco, but somehow never got the chance to visit on my trips to the States.… Songs like "wake me up in San F...