Andi Manzano


Insane Trampoline Park

Went on a mom and daughter date in a trampoline park in SM South Mall. Watch the video to see how insane and fun it is. I think I had more fun than my daughter!    

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Olivia’s FIRST Vlog

For Olivia’s 3rd birthday, here’s a 3 minute video of her VLOG take over. I left the camera rolling and she just did her thing :) Happy birthday O...

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Olivia Turns Two OLIVIA TURNS 2 from Little Big Day by Jason Magbanua   A bigger, better, more colorful party this ...

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FIRST TIME ON STAGE – Moving Up Ceremony

It was Olivia's first time on stage and I think I was more nervous than her! I'm so proud that she didn't walk out or cry. She danced (a little bit) b...

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Green Juice for Toddler

It’s best to start early with your kids eating and drinking healthy. Olivia is such a picky eater all she eats is pasta... pasta.. pasta and more pa...