It’s best to start early with your kids eating and drinking healthy. Olivia is such a picky eater all she eats is pasta… pasta.. pasta and more pasta. I try to throw in whatever vegetable I can. I do get frustrated as a mom but according to others it’s just a phase and I hope it is. I’ve been breastfeeding for almost two years (two years this coming march 20, whooohooo) and I’ve been slowly weaning her. We are down to just one feeding session a day in the middle of the night. I’ve tried to give her formula and tried almost all and mixed it too with fruits or powdered chocolate milk but she still wouldn’t take it. Sooooo…. I decided to just give her Green Juice. I got her involved in the whole process from doing grocery, to cutting the vegetables and to juicing. She had soooo much fun and she could even name the vegetables and fruits! Here’s our video juicing together :)

A few tips:

  1.  Get them involved in the whole process so their introduction to green juice is fun.
  2. They wont like it at first but don’t worry, they say it takes a toddler/kids 10 days to familiarize themselves with something.
  3. Mix more fruits so they don’t taste the bitterness of some vegetables (kale, beets, spinach..) I suggest mango, orange, apple and pineapple.
  4. Stick to one sippy cup. Buy a nice new one if you have to (let them help you pick) and keep using it so they know that cup is the Green Juice Cup.
  5. Try not to stick to one juice for a long period of time. Keep experimenting and have fun with it!

For juicing we used the Juicepresso!