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Pottery Farm

 Cornerstone Pottery Farm

My mom asked me if i wanted to try out the pottery workshop. Pottery? Who doesn’t like pottery?

FoodTravel & Andiventures

Tuscan Tagaytay

 Marcia Adams

Finally I got a free day this past Friday after what was quite a busy week (which explains why I did’t have much time to post on this blog… Sorry =) Having a full day to myself allowed me to take my sisters and mom for a drive to Tagaytay, hopefully to escape the scorching […]


A treasure trove in Antipolo

 Pinto Art Museum

My love for art started when i was a kid. I used to join water colour and charcoal workshops. Painting is such a peaceful hobby, it takes your mind off of things, and allows your creativity to take flight (spoken like an artist ;).


coffee lover’s dream

 Toby's Estate

Not much of a coffee drinker, but when I discovered Toby’s Estate.. How could anyone possibly say no? I heard about this Australian Coffee brand and that it has been the toast of the town for coffee lovers when it opened in New York. And in a City of coffee lovers that’s gotta be a compliment.


Little girl blue

 Century City Mall

I first noticed this store when watched a movie in Century City Mall. Every item inside was hand picked or designed by Blue. The window display at the store was like an Elle Decor or Vogue set up for a shoot. Most of the stuff us quite pricey but theyre all one of a kind. As we would say buying a bag is an investment, buying something in Blue Carreon is quite similar :) I love everything in this shop. I just wanna touch everything. (funny I accidentally broke one of their candles, but that’s ok cause I wanted to buy it anyway haha)