Andi Manzano

My new friend

It’s been snowing the whole day so magical!

Playing around with my @happy_pod in Korea.

Sigh, I miss the cold.

I have the sweetest husband ever

I Love You GP Reyes <3

Happy birthday @idagomez

My forever dance partner @gp_reyes


Playing around

This bag is too cute

Yesterday’s shoot

I see you

Cat Eyes x Nails

Liking my cat eyes and nails too much that I didn’t know how to pose with it. Yes I’m a little weird sometimes. Hahaha

Food for 2

Had a great lunch meeting! Exciting plans for next month :)

San po tayo ma’am?

Hired a driver today. She came with a car. @andimanzano – Riki Flores


Andi Manzano

Hi there!

Let’s make this less formal, okay?

My name is Andi. Also known as Andi9 on the radio and now known as “Olivia’s mom” :P

Whole name is Andrea Bianca Manzano Reyes. I was born March 29, 1987 (if you are tired to do the math, I’m 30 years old.)  Im the eldest of 5. Grew up in La Vista along Katipunan, QC. Philippines then moved to Antipolo 5 years ago then moved out 4 years ago, lived in Makati City and now I’m a South Girl. Studied in Miriam College and took up Communication Arts, went to a small Montesorri for High School and Miriam for grade school.

I’ve been a radio DJ since i was 18 years old, Magic 89.9 is my second home and family. Before radio, i was part of different TV shows, i still guest sometimes, i was part of MTV Philippines as a VJ and i was also part of an MTV where i showed my mad singing skills ;) and I did cameos for movies. If you want to know the details, check wikipedia.

Andi Magic

I got married last November 2013 and it was the best decision in my life to marry the love of my life GP Reyes


And after almost a year of being married i got pregnant and now I’m a new mom to our little Olivia.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.18.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.18.03 PM

It’s quite surprising, but i only started travelling relatively recently. The First time i ever rode a plane was when i was 20 to go to HongKong. But After that, I got bit by the travel bug, and I’ve had the good fortune of being able to travel since then. I’ve been almost everywhere in the world, I’m very blessed and grateful to experience every city, every culture  and travel as much as I have.. and now traveling with a little girl in hand.

So join me in this crazy fun blogging adventure of travel, love, beauty, home, events, weirdness and my favorite of all… MOTHERHOOD :)

More About Andi


I have a dog named Taquito, Bailey and Coco.

Started eating sushi 3 years ago.

Just started watching Friends when I met GP and haven't watched the last season cause i don't want it to end.

We are five in the family. (4 girls 1 boy)

I was a swimmer and was part of the Celebrity Anacondas team not cause i was a celebrity but cause we trained in Celebrity Sports ;)

Met GP on Facebook and we got married 11.12.13.

I own more than 5 white pairs of Superga.

I drink chocolate milk every night.