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Wake me up in San Francisco

 San Francisco

I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco, but somehow never got the chance to visit on my trips to the States.… Songs like “wake me up in San Francisco” or the more classic “I left my heart in San Francsico” (me being a radio dj of course it’s the songs that made me curious […]

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Warner Brothers – Friends


You know how when you really love a movie, and you keep telling a friend to go see it. How you enjoyed it so much, that you’re willing to go with that person to watch it a second time, a third, or even a 6th? :) And it’s funny how for a good part of […]

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LA – Warner Brothers – Batmaan


I’m baaack! So where do i start? My husband and I have been asking that question since we returned from a wonderful 3 week vacation in the U.S. We literally have thousands and thousands of photos from this very eventful and exciting trip! We went to so many places and did so many things! And […]