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How to make your kids eat more vegetables!

Sharing with you a few tips that can help your kids eat more fruits and veggies. It really all begins at home! Any tips you can share? Also, feel free to share if you have your own Organic experience. #SmartWayToGoOrganic #PromilOrganic Learn more about PROMIL®️ Organic here:… Follow our Facebook Community Page:… Follow […]


Grilled Cheese Spamwhich

Everyone loves SPAM®! I don't know anyone who doesn't love it and you'll be surprised how any flavors there are in the market now. Cheese, Pepper, Ba...

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Green Juice for Toddler

It’s best to start early with your kids eating and drinking healthy. Olivia is such a picky eater all she eats is pasta... pasta.. pasta and more pa...


Surprise Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

  We just moved in to our new home and didn't want to head out for Valentine's day dinner and brace the traffic so instead we surprised GP at ho...

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Olivia’s First Birthday

We had originally planned to the big bash on the roof deck of the Knightsbridge Residences at Century City and the theme was supposed to an enchanted ...

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