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Baby Shower


To be totally honest with you, aside from finding out I was pregnant, announcing it to friends, the first kicks, the late night dancing in my belly, bonding moments with dad… my favorite parts of my pregnancy It was being showered by baby gifts by your friends :) Oh what a treat!

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Save the Best for LATCH

 Metro Manila

Over the weekend I got invited to attend a Breastfeeding Class. I was a little hesitant to go at first because my husband would be unable to make it cause of a scheduled board meeting and my mom had already planned a trip to Palawan that weekend. I also figured that for any advice I could always go to my mom since she breastfed all 5 of us kids, or GP’s mom who has six kids of her own! I had also been reading so many books and that I felt I didn’t need to be flooded with more information… But on that day, I decided why not learn a little more. So together with my high school friend Maybel, I headed over to L.A.T.C.H.


Merry Merry Parties!

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This Christmas I promised to take more photos with my camera. We all usually take selfie’s and selfwe’s with our phones but this year I documented all the Christmas parties I attended and I had so much fun! This blog post is not about holiday décor tips, or OOTD’s but just the a gathering of […]


H&M Home

 Metro Manila

When I moved out of my family home about four and a half years ago to a one bedroom condo in Makati, it was not just a test of being independent but also a test of taste as it was my first time to ever step into the world of interior design. Sadly I can’t […]



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