Andi Manzano


My Skincare Routine (Japanese Products)

Last time I went to Japan I did my research and bought all the recommended drugstore skincare products. Watch to see my favorites!  

BeautyMommy Diaries

5 Minute Everyday Make-Up

Here's my 5 minute everyday make up (with my toddler beside me doing her own make up as well). When you're a mom you only have a few minutes to fix u...

BeautyMommy Diaries

Maternity Shoot :)

Mango Red the geniuses behind my wedding photos got in touch with me asking if I wanted to do a maternity shoot. I had the pleasure of working with ...


Throwback to 11.12.13.

I was going through my posts and I realized that I never posted about my wedding and I think its just perfect since we recently celebrated our first y...


Wedding Throwback with Pat Dy

I wish i had my blog up while i was preparing for my wedding as it would've been a great way to document each and every moment. Maybe the next adventu...