Not much of a coffee drinker, but when I discovered Toby’s Estate.. How could anyone possibly say no? I heard about this Australian Coffee brand and that it has been the toast of the town for coffee lovers when it opened in New York. And in a City of coffee lovers that’s gotta be a compliment. I first discovered them when i chanced upon their branch at Century City Mall and I really loved the whole concept. My dream was always to have my own cafe/coffee shop (ala Central Perk, maybe with books and magazines, a modern jukebox, because of course I’m a radio DJ haha, basically a place you can call your second home, the way Phoebe, Ross, Chandler et al felt when they were in their well loved coffee house.) And when I visited Toby’s main branch in L.P Leviste, I was so inspired because it had a similar homey vibe. Not eclectic like Gunther’s spot but still very homey and relaxing, truly my ideal coffee shop.

I arrived around 2pm hoping it wouldn’t be full, but even at that off hour the place was teeming with customers. They only opened a month ago and started serving food last week, so understandably our orders took a little while.

We started with their famous coffee. My mom got the Mocha Latte and I got my all time favourite, Chai Chocolate. Raoul, the store manager, suggested that we try their best sellers. So we ordered the Traviata (which was very light), Pulled Pork, and the Patty Melt, which was my favourite. It was their take on a burger that had five different kinds of cheese (parmesan, sharp cheddar, ricotta, emmenthal and mozzarella). And the bbq sauce was mixed with woolloomooloo coffee. It was superb! all in all I’m so happy we’ve got a place like Toby’s here.  A true alternative to the mass market brands we find in every corner. I’m going to be a regular here for sure… and hopefully one day I’ll be able to open up my own cafe. Cloud nine coffee? Andi’s Cafe? Andi’s Estate? Any ideas for names? Haha!

For now though Toby’s Estate is my favorite coffee house by a mile. Their price ranges from 300-500 for food and 90-200 for coffee depending on size. They said they’ll be adding more to the menu after Holy Week…  Cant wait to go back! Here are the pictures from my visit!





Chai Chocolate (My fave)  P160 and Mocha Latte P140!



Beautifully made!





Selfies per week?? Hmmmm…



Traviata – two eggs backed in a skillet topped with tomato compote, grilled cherry tomatoes, arugula and basil oil. Served with rustic garlic bread.



Shredded Beef P420 – slow-cooked pulled beef shoulder and mozzarella in grilled brown crusty bread. Served with homemade potato chips and caramelized onions.



Patty Melt/ 5 cheese burger (parmesan, sharp cheddar, ricotta, emmenthal and mozzarella) – P400



Bucky’s ala mode  – P220 (We got the one with Vanilla Madagascar)



Their buckies are so good!!!









My sister Bella, Me and my eldest sister ;)




Toby’s Estate is located at Salcedo Village 125 L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati